CFNEA Partners with Cover Alabama Coalition



Pictured L to R: Rachel Cole, Joey Battles, Tommie Goggans, Jennifer Maddox, Ryan Hankin, Fred Smith, Christi Robinson

Cover Alabama Coalition is a nonpartisan alliance of 93 advocacy groups, businesses, community organizations, consumer groups, health care providers, and religious congregations advocating for the state of Alabama to provide quality, affordable health coverage to its citizens and implement a sustainable health care system

The Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA) has completed non-biased and non-partisan research about the benefits of Medicaid Expansion. The study revealed that expanding Alabama’s Medicaid would bring hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars back home, insure thousands of Alabamians, cover unpaid healthcare costs hurting our hospitals, create thousands of jobs, and help stimulate our economy. The study confirms the validity of CFNEA’s advocacy for Medicaid Expansion. Ryan Hankin, Executive Director of PARCA, gave his most recent presentation at Gadsden State Community College on March 14, 2023.

The presentation was attended by Gadsden State Community College administration, students, department heads, not-for-profit leaders, and community stakeholders.

CFNEA coordinated this event in partnership with the Gadsden States Cardinal Foundation. Also, thanks to former trustee Tommie Goggans for assisting in coordinating this event.