Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy


The CAP® program provides professionals in the not-for-profit and financial fields that work with individuals and families in the development and implementation of philanthropic programs with the knowledge and tools needed to help clients reach their charitable giving objectives while also helping them meet their estate planning and wealth management goals.


Candidates for the CAP® designation must complete a minimum of three graduate courses in philanthropic studies at the Irwin Graduate School and six hours of rigorous, supervised written examinations.  The curriculum addresses the advanced design, implementation and management of charitable gift techniques and strategies, as well as philanthropic tools including charitable trusts, private foundations, supporting organizations, donor-advised funds, pooled income funds and charitable gift annuities.


Professionals that have earned the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation help their donors and clients improve their communities by maximizing the effective application of their financial resources. CAP® graduates are uniquely qualified to help charitable organizations achieve long-term financial success. 


Jennifer S. Maddox, MBA, CAP®

President & CEO

Jennifer says, “The knowledge I gained from my CAP® coursework is invaluable. I now have every tool I need to work with donors to achieve their charitable dreams in harmony with their estate planning."


You may reach Jennifer by calling 256-231-5160, ext. 25 or by email.

J. Mitchell Rogers, MBA, CAP®

Vice President of Community Partnerships

Mitchell Rogers says, in today’s current economic climate, many believe that in order to make a difference one has to be worth millions. Mitchell believes that this could not be farther from the truth. Mitchell remembers a quote he learned from one of his most influential high school teachers, Mrs. Freda Powell Davidson, from “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford: “Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been produced by His hand that made all things, and gives being to all things that are; and as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone unto many.”


You may reach Mitchell by calling 256-231-5160 ext. 17 or by email.


Fred Smith, MPA, CAP®

Vice President of Community Partnerships

Fred Smith says,  there is a great quote by Nelson Henderson that says “the true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit”. Nature reminds us of the resilience and power of a seed. It has the unique ability to represent both the present and future. So do the dreams, goals, and philanthropic aspirations of our donors. Graduating from the CAP® program has assisted me in helping our donors fulfill their dreams, goals, and philanthropic aspirations.


You may reach Fred by calling 256-231-5160, ext. 26 or by email


Bridge Builders

Each year the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama Board of Trustees proudly awards the Bridge Builder Certificate to professional advisors who have partnered with us in connecting donor generosity with community needs.


Rodney Gibson - CPA
Christopher M. Hopkins - Attorney
James M. Campbell - Attorney
Sara Robinson Higgins - Attorney
William A. Julian - CPA
John W. Owens - CPA
George D. Robinson - Attorney


None recognized


Charles C. Turner - Attorney
Albert L. Shumaker - Attorney
William E. Hereford - Attorney


Roger Killian - Attorney 
Tina Roberts - Attorney 
Forrest French - Realtor
Morgan Lavender - Insurance Representative


The Honorable Randall L. Cole - Attorney
The Honorable Brenda S. Stedham - Attorney 


The Honorable John Rochester - Attorney
Mollie Seymour - Trust Advisor 
Wallace Lyons - CPA 
Nathan Turley - Investment Advisor


The Honorable Virginia Hopkins – Federal Judge,
        United States District Court,
        North District of Alabama
Lisa Green – State Farm Insurance
The Honorable Malcolm Street Jr. – Circuit Judge, Alabama 7th Judicial Circuit
Wes Carlson – Financial Advisor


Meg W. Clements – Attorney 
Stephen J. LaFollette – Financial Advisor 
Melanie L. Nichols – Financial Advisor
Gary Stanko – Attorney


William Henry Agee – Attorney
Isaac J. Brown – Investment Advisor
Alicia Guyton – Investment Advisor


Robert Folsom – Attorney
James L. Stirling, Jr – Attorney
Chris Frank – Financial Advisor
Kelsey Ridge – Financial Advisor
Justin Marsh – Investment Advisor
Don Ledford – Investment Advisor
The Honorable William Allen Millican,
        Circuit Judge, Etowah County – Retired
W. G. Scott Burleson, Jr. – Certified Public Accountant
Anna L. Berry