Sample Fund Agreements

Donor Advised Fund (Endowed and Non-Endowed)

A Donor Advised Fund provides you an opportunity to express all your philanthropic interests. Donor recommendations are submitted to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for approval. This fund type is an effective alternative to a private foundation.


Field of Interest Fund Agreement Sample

The fund’s grantmaking focuses on a particular area, such as child development, education, arts and culture, or other broad areas of interests. The Foundation then ensures that your fund supports meaningful projects providing impact to the targeted social need.


Institutional Fund Agreement Sample

This fund is started by a specific not-for-profit organization to provide annual operating support or to provide long-term funding for a specific project.


 Non-Endowed Agency Fund Agreement Sample

This agreement is most often used for pass-through funds or for specified purposes usually short in duration.


 Scholarship Fund Agreement Sample

Name and designate a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance to students or professionals to advance their education. You may define guidelines for candidacy, the school and the basic requirements.  Each donor has a heartfelt reason for establishing a fund, whether to memorialize a loved one, to recognize the value of their own education or to encourage young people to identify their talents and succeed in life.


Designated Fund Agreement Sample

You specify one or more charitable organizations to receive annual distributions providing them perpetual support.


Unrestricted Fund Agreement Sample

The donor gives the Board of Trustees full discretion to make grants that respond to the community’s greatest needs. Every five years the Community Foundation conducts a Community Needs Assessment to assist in awarding grants to the areas identified with the greatest needs.